Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wise Man

I have finished a Wise man. My Wise Men will be different nationalities.
Again a clever, easy to knit, takes forever to sew it together pattern. All the little details make it cute.
I did deviate from the standard Wise Man pattern and made the coat more like the other figures. I also put a little stuffing up his sleeves.

I solved the problem with the bases. I am using sheet styrofoam with a layer of craft foam on the side that is seen. I am using the lid from the Pam kitchen spray like a cookie cutter. Lay two strands of thin yarn in the shape of an X on the section of foam you want to cut. Center the Pam lid over the X and push down, twisting the lid back and forth a little as you go. You may need to pick up the sheet and work from the bottom as well to make sure it cuts all the way through. To get the styrofoam out of the lid, hold all four yarn emds and pull straight down and it should pop right out. Much easier than cutting cardboard circles, but the little styrofoam bits are annoying so have the vacuum cleaner handy.

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Lil Knitter said...

I'm really enjoying watching this project come together. He looks great and I love the colorful coat.
I might have to come back for these tips if I get brave enough to try my own. Thanks!