Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I took a break from the Nativity set to knit up some Scrubbles.
The pattern is my own and quite easy to do.

Cast on twenty stitches with acrylic yarn. (these are for scrubbing and rather thick so the acrylic is the better fiber choice as cotton would never get dry)
Knit in the front and back of each stitch to make forty stitches.
Knit using desired stitch pattern till piece is four inches long.
Knit two stitches together across to make twenty stitches.
Cut yarn, leaving a good twelve inches of tail.
Thread a needle with the tail and pass it through all twenty stitches on the knitting needle. Cinch it up tight. I make a knot here so the cinched stitches don't slip.
Still using the tail yarn, sew up the side seam. I then tie a knot to the cast on tail.
thread the needle and yarn through the cast on stitches and pull up tight. Tie to cast on tail again.
Poke needle all the way through the middle till it comes out the other side. Move it over a stitch or so and theread it back to the side it started on. Tie it again to the cast on tail and weave in both ends.
This makes a round scrubbie about four inches across for scrubbing up the stuck on stuff on your dishes. It is not a washcloth and is not meant to be absorbent.

The Scrubbles on top was made doing garter stitch.
The Scrubbles on the bottom was made using the stitch pattern Tina recently used in a contest on the Love2KnitDishcloths Yahoo group and is k1, k2tog, yo across, ending k1.
Experiment with different stitch patterns and share what you come up with.

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