Saturday, February 16, 2008

2 Babies

These are mostly from the Jean Greenhowe pattern. I did make some changes. For the baby with hair I knit the hair on the last two rows of the head instead of stitching it on after. I also threaded the ends to the outside after weaving them in on the inside and cut them off sticking out to give a more three dimensional look to the hair. The second baby has no hair. I added arms also. The baby on the left has arms made by casting on ten stitches, knitting stockinette for five rows then binding off. I rolled the resulting piece and stitched along the edge and sewed it on. Baby two has arms made by casting on eight stitches for four rows and then the same way. Baby one also has the hint of legs in his bunting made by stitching loosely front to back through all layers of the piece for three stitches.
I used Jean's manger pattern, but did not like the way my babies looked in it so I rolled the edge to the outside and stitched it in place about halway down the side on the outside. I also wanted hairier hay so used fun fur in champagne color. I cast on fifteen stitches for thirty rows. For baby one I knit the fun fur together with Yellow Simply Soft and for baby two with Bone Simply Soft. For baby one i knit the manger with two strands of Brown Simply Soft and for baby two I used a Strand of Brown and a strand of Bone together.
This is a fun knit and I have a LOT of pieces waiting to be put together.


Jami said...

That's great - I've been looking for something like that. Where can I find the baby pattern?

AnotherSusan said...

The pattern is by Jean Greenhowe in her book Christnas special. See all her books, what is in them and where to buy them at:
Nicely written, no mistakes and cute as anything :)