Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling Sheepish

I did it! I knit two of the Jean Greenhowe sheep from Christmas Special.


The first was knit in TLC Baby Amore white on size 4 needles. The second one also used Caron Simply Soft black. I tweaked the pattern a little as I wanted a black face and hooves. For the hooves I cast on with black, then cut it and knit the rest of the leg with white. I wove the ends in under the black stitches and that also helps hide the white.
The face I am not completely happy with. I started it at the first single strand row after finishing with the double strand. This will not make sense if you do not have the pattern.
On the white sheep I stuffed it's head too full. The directions were fairly clear and easy to follow. Once I made one the second was a cinch. I did not put a face on the black and white sheep as it would be very difficult to see it.
The Nativity set with them was given to me by my father after a trip to Israel. It is made from olive wood.

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Michelle said...

Awesome sheep. I love Jean Greenhowe's patterns. I want to make a sheep to go along with the Little Bo Peep doll - I think that would be so cute. So much to knit - so little time!