Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Gray Donkey

Now the donkey is finished, although not exactly like the pattern. It looked so plain with just the gray so I decided to add in the cross on the donkey's back. Legend has it that the donkey did not have this cross till the crucifixation.
I also did just the first 11 rows of the tail and then tied on a black tassel for the tail.
I did not use any support inside the legs and the donkey is able to stand just fine. I made a mistake sewing on the legs. I sewed the front legs on first, but discovered as I was weaving in the last end on the second one that I had actually sewed the back legs on the front. To make them proportionately the same as the pattern I cast on 16 stitches and knit 14 rows instead of 12. For the rest of the increases and descreases I followed the same formula as the original back leg. I also attached the a bit differently. I stuffed the leg almost to the top and then flattened the top and sewed it against the side of the donkey instead of directly to the bottom.
He was a fun knit although LOTS of sewing.

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hakucho said...

Your nativity set is magnificent!! You did an amazing job on it :)

happy knitting :)