Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blue-footed Booby

Hubby has not been well as he is recovering from a knee replacement. He and medications do not get along so he has been fairly miserable.
He has been asking for an item like this for a long time, years in
fact, and I finally relented after a link was posted last week in a group I belong to for
Pattern is here, scroll down
The link appears to be having issues so try this

He asked for them in green as that is the color of the Orion women on Star Trek
It was a very short leap of the imagination to add the blue feet as a
tribute to
and calling it his Blue-footed Booby pillow.
The feet are from
Starting with a cast on of 24 stitches and binding off when 6 stitches are left.
The Green yarns are Red Heart and the blue is Caron Simply soft. I used size 9 needles throughout the project.
If you do knit the breasts it is easier to sew them to the pillow with the base on the breast instead of trying to sew it on without the base. It is wise to follow the pattern and knit the base, flat, first, before knitting the breast part. Change to knitting in the round when you reach the breast section if you like. You will stuff the breast through the slit along the radius of the base when completed.
The base has a very minor erratta in that you begin with a cast on of 6 stitches, not 5. For the nipples I did an extra decrease round to bring them to 5 stitches and did I-cord for 4 rows. I also stuffed the toe of a panty hose into each breast and put the stuffing in it to lessen the chances of it poking through to the outside.
The pillow is a simple rectangular pillow form purchased at WalMart. I did a swatch to see how many stitches to cast on and started with dark green at the middle back changing to light green for the front and dark green for the other half of the back. The pillow had it's own stuffing and I used fiberfill to fill out the breasts, sewed up the base, placed them on the pillow, safety pinned them in place and stitched them down.
Hubby is very happy with his new pet :)

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