Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Irresistable Gifts to Knit

My book came! I had to order it from the publisher, but it is finally here.
I had heard it was available in Borders and Barnes and Noble but not in my stores. ISBN is 1-858702-70-4 if you want to try.
If you want to get it from the publisher, here is the link. I tinied it as it was way long:
I can imagine knitting a LOT of these patterns!
My favorites are the farm, Noah's Ark and the Nativity.
There are 50 patterns in all.


Carol said...

I've been looking for this book or any book of his patterns for a year now! you're one lucky girl :)

CariesCatures said...

You can buy Alan dart patterns direct from his site http://www.alandart.co.uk/ from £2.50 each

CariesCatures said...

http://www.alandart.co.uk/ here you can buy and download Alan Darts patterns from around £2.50