Tuesday, January 22, 2008

KAL, anyone?

How about a KAL? It will be for another of the Sweetheart cloth variations :)
Are you interested? When would you like to start? The pattern I have in mind would be a 6 day KAL with 10 rows per day.
Leave a comment and let me know!

I have gotten a LOT of comments in my email box so we will start this KAL on Sunday, January 27. That is the last day of Rachel's KAL and will finish on the February first which is the first day of the Monthly Dishcloth KAL. We will just slide this one right into that little window of opportunity :)


not just a mom said...

I'd be up for it. Why not put it between Rachel's group KAL and the Monthly Dishcloth KAL? That should be enough days to get it finished.

Kelly said...

I would love to do a sweetheart KAL.

I really love #2. Will have to go home and start that one (maybe even tonight, but don't tell DD)


Mary Heather said...

that sounds like fun, anytime is a good time to start as far as i'm concerned, but notjustamom makes a good point.

cwknitnut said...

I'd like it, too! Notjustamom's idea sounds good for timing.

Ang W. said...

I'd like to join you for the KAL. Sunday is the last and longest day of our Jubilee at church so I will not be able to join until late in the day. You did say you would send the rows out as a special noticed. Am I correct?

AnotherSusan said...

Yes, I will send it out as a Special Notice from the Yahoo group :)

chayah said...

I have my first day's lines and can't wait to start. Thanks, Susan.