Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog Widgets

As you know, I am new to the blogging scene. I have been discovering the joy of blog widgets. Look around my blog and you will see several :) The newest is an opportunity for you to subscribe to my blog via FeedBlitz, . This neat little site will also allow you to subscribe to any blog, whether they have the widget or not. Just go to FeedBlitz and at the bottom of the Home Page is the subscribe option. You do not have to register or anything.
Another widget I love is TickerFactory, . I have one of their tickers to keep track of how many extra miles I walk this year. These are go outside and walk for the sake of walking miles. As of yesterday I had 29. Wow!
What are your favorite widgets? Which ones do you dislike? Which ones can't I live without? Please leave a comment with details.

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