Monday, January 7, 2008

Holiday Stamp visits Frog Pond

This is what happens when I knit when I am tired. I was going along, quite pleased with my progress, when I noticed that the picture did not quite look right. I had made a mistake with row 3 in the second row of squares. I must have knit off the wrong part of the chart or something. While I can fix mistakes a few rows back I knew I would get too frustrated trying to fix all the mistakes in row 3 from row 19 so rippit, rippit!
I have now knit row 3 correctly and will press on!
On a brighter note it is beautiful outside! I went for a walk with no coat! It is 68 degrees F out there! My hubby went with me on Saturday and took along his GPS and verified that it is indeed just over a mile around the loop :) He loves gadgets!

I did not goof on the right hand deer's nose. The knitting is folded a bit so it does look like it. The needles are not quite long enough to lay it all the way flat.

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vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that sucks..It sure looks great though and I"m sure its gonna look beautiful when its done.
Like the socks too on the gift along blog..great job!